What is that tramples rover Russian vegetable garden?




The Yankees were only going to launch a rocket to Mars, when our countrymen have bought up on a distant planet thousands of hectares of land


Oleg Feldman, a modest bank clerk from Moscow intends to file a lawsuit against NASA million. The reason for the lawsuit was the landing of the American Mars rover "Spirit". Land of the Red Planet, where the space probe landed, was recently presented to Oleg for his birthday.


Paata Archvadze (photos)

The Yankees have grossly violated the right to the inviolability of private property. A small area of the Martian surface in the area of Gusev Crater, where the Jan. 4, 2004 made a successful landing American research robot "Spirit", three months ago, has become the personal property of Oleg Feldman. Eighty acres of the Red Planet on his birthday gave colleagues, employees of one of the branches of "Savings".

Space allotment they officially bought in my name in the Moscow office of the Lunar Embassy, — says Oleg Feldman. — This is an organization legally sell property to everyone on the Moon, Mars and Venus. Decorated everything under the law: that's a certificate that confirms that the Martian surface area I have the same legal rights of the owner, as in an apartment or cottage.

A humble bank clerk did not object to the Americans landed on its territory. But according to the international rules they had to get permission to land from the owner.

Make a hole in our land

Feldman initially tried to settle the dispute of the world. He called the U.S. Embassy in Moscow and asked for land symbolic fee — $ 100. But an employee of the diplomatic mission, breaking off in mid-sentence, put the phone down.

SELLER OF THE MOON: Feldman explains the laws of the universe

Oleg sues NASA and the U.S. Gosdeparamenta simultaneously in Moscow and Washington. The moral damage is estimated at $ 1 million. After the American robot began to bore a hole in the Martian soil, Feldman's lawyers offered to prepare a second lawsuit — of property damage.

Russian clerk hopes of success, as in the American judicial system, a precedent is already there: the fall of 2003 at NASA gave Gregory Nimitz someone from Alabama. In March 2000, an American bought a minor planet number 433, officially registered in the International Directory of celestial bodies. In February 2001, landed on the asteroid research probe, owned by NASA. Nimitz on the rights of the landowner space required for "parking" of the government's small rental fee of $ 20. But after the U.S. State Department indignantly refused to pay, he filed a claim for recognition of its monopoly rights to an asteroid, evaluating them in the $ 10 trillion. The Court appointed in April.


Lunar Embassy was opened in Russia in 1998. Its main office is located in St. Petersburg, in Moscow, working consular section. In six years, the owners of plots of land on the Moon and Mars has about 2,400 Russians. Standard section of the Red Planet area of 200 acres (80 hectares) sold for 3267 rubles.

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