What is the magic?




At least once in the life of each of us thought about this concept. It is the oldest science in the world, which gave rise to the development of all existing scientific fields? And maybe — it is a sacred mystery teachings on how the impact on nature, people, animals and gods with supernatural powers? Or — it's just a fairy tale for people who can not or do not want to live without belief in miracles.

In Greek magic (mageia) means witchcraft, sorcery. In turn, the Greek word magician (magos) comes from Zendic (mod), meaning a priest, the priest, the same root in the Chaldean so powerful, all-knowing.

Often presented as a magic knowledge transmitted to people in ancient times the heavenly beings. Indeed, the magic was accompanied humanity since the birth. Traces of tricks "natural magic" found in the tombs of the Paleolithic period. Civilization emerged and died, to be replaced polytheism of ancient Greece and Egypt came the Most Highs common gods of Jews, Christians and Muslims. Time has erased much of the memory: the names of cities and nations, stories about disasters and the great achievements of thinkers. A magic remained. Having gone through an incredible number of centuries, the magical knowledge is not destroyed by frost, along with mammoths and Neanderthals have not disappeared in the depths of the sea, along with Atlantis has not disappeared in the Deluge. Magic only improved over time, updated with new techniques — but never lost its fundamental principles, writes TRY.MD.

An indirect confirmation of the existence in prehistoric times, a single system can serve as a knowledge of the sacred and something that is totally independent of each other shamans and priests of the various tribes of Yakutia, Australia, South America, Africa, Papua New Guinea, came to the same ideas about mystical structure of the world and of man, the spirits of dead people and the spirits of nature. In almost all ancient cultures existed conventional division of the world into three parts. Slavic magicians called these three areas of law, and Reality Nav. On the same areas magicians of ancient Judah said, when prompted heralds of the Mosaic covenant idea of Heaven, Earth and Hell.

In antiquity in science has been a gradual separation of the materialistic and idealistic direction, the theory of self-knowledge, in turn, is divided into positivism and mysticism, the very foundation of these areas were also the most ancient magical knowledge.

Proof of this is the fact that Pythagoras, Empedocles, Democritus, Plato, and many other famous philosophers — materialists have made great journey to explore the magic and returned, and stressed his respect for her and kept her in a big secret. It is known, for example, that Pythagoras and Plato went to the Sanctuary of Memphis to learn it, and that they drove almost the whole of Syria, the whole of Egypt, Judea, schools Chaldeans, not to be ignorant of the great principles of magic and mystery, and to take possession of this divine science.

The famous medieval philosopher Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his "Occult Philosophy" (1533) says of magic: "Magic takes in a deep contemplation of the most secret things, the knowledge of all nature. It teaches us what things are different from one another and than they are consistent. Magic have the opportunity, having a very great deal of power, full of sublime mystery and enclosing a deep knowledge of the most secret things: their nature, their strength, their quality, their actions, their differences and their relationship, so that it produces its marvelous effects by combining and applying various properties superior and inferior beings, so magic — is the most complete science, philosophy, the most sublime and the most mysterious …. "

Magical knowledge is the nature of man — like intelligence or instinct of self-preservation. To exist simultaneously in widely separated parts of the world, the magical knowledge must be innate — or the time it would have long since erased from the memory of man, as it happened so many cultures and languages. Therefore, each of us from birth is a magician. Just today, "the magician" inside of us had to make room to make way for a civilized, rational thinking person.

It would seem that we have completely forgotten the ancient knowledge, just as the lost skills of the hunter and gatherer. However, once a person is seriously getting lost in the woods — and it immediately starts to behave like their prehistoric ancestors, unless, of course, do not give in to panic. Similarly, only a strong psychological shock will turn us make a completely irrelevant rational approach to the world — and we remember our magical nature.


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