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The place is located forty kilometers north-east of Mexico City and is the unpronounceable name Teotiukan. In Jesus' time this city was comparable to Rome or Constantinople. Compete with him in magnitude could not have any of the cities of the then China, and in Egypt at that time, the cities were not there.
Now this ancient capital of Mesoamerica no gods, no people. In the 600 years of the BC city that existed before seven centuries dating back to the heyday of the 50 (other estimates 150) thousand inhabitants, suddenly and for no apparent reason, was empty. Uninhabited and gradually destroys it remained for seven long centuries, when here came the Aztec Indians. Stunned opened their monumental buildings, the newcomers understand — no one but the people who have become gods, nothing like this could create.
Since then, life in the city has never been resumed. No one knows exactly what caused his demise. However, most recently appeared sufficiently reliable version, and most importantly, tangible proof of its validity, says "Russian Bazaar".

Nothing new archaeologists can not find — as well as in the collapse of any human community in ancient times, in the death of Teotiukana seems to blame tribalism and related war. New discoveries in the territory of the largest of the city's architectural complexes of pre-Columbian America show that civilization, founded the city, was far less democratic and peace-loving than previously thought.

Until relatively recently, scientists believed that the mysterious Indian peoples who lived on Teotiukan for hundreds of years before the Aztecs practiced universal equality and, unlike any other tribe in the pre-Hispanic world, in every way esteemed culture and science. Indeed, in contrast to all other ruins, where nearly every wall image praises military victory and the dignity of kings and rulers, colored murals Teotiukana tell about the lives of ordinary people, prancing among the flowers, butterflies, coyotes and jaguars. However, recent archaeological discoveries of human burials, testifying about the brutal mass sacrifices in this "paradise", destroyed the historic idyll. The museum Teotiukana and now you can see the lessons of burial in one of the walls of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent Quetzalcoatl remains of sacrificed nine men and four women, with their hands tied.

Earlier, a similar discovery was made in respect of the other pre-Hispanic cultures — the Maya. Hieroglyphics found on the stone steps of the ancient pyramids in Guatemala suggest that people previously considered peaceful society of astronomers, actually participated in some sort of all-out war. Hundreds of dead bodies found in Teotiukane and elsewhere forced the leading archaeologists to remove suspicion from the conquering Spaniards that they exaggerated the bloodlust Indians.

Gradually lifted the veil of secrecy and rulers Teotiukana, more than a century tormenting scientists. In September 2002, archaeologists Ruben Cabrera and Saburo Sugiyama discovered near the Pyramid of the Moon three skeletons, dating from about the year 300 BC. e. and apparently owned by the local aristocracy. They were in the ears of jade jewelry, and nearby were carved favors and other items, which are traditional symbols of power. The fact that these people must have been within the power elite, supported by the fact that they have not had their hands tied, like the previously discovered human sacrifice.

And yet, despite these findings, Teotiukan, unlike any other ancient society of America, does not give any hint as to who is actually it was run. Archaeologist Linda Manzanillo, Mexico's leading expert on the region, said that the city in its early days was in the power of four rulers, and not one, as it was in the Maya or Aztec civilizations in ancient Mexico. Number four is generally very often arises in Teotiukane. On created here a vessel around the main deity — the god of thunder depicts four figures. The city is divided into four distinct living areas. According to legend, it was born in the Fifth Sun (after the fourth), is still lighting up the world in which they live heirs teotiukanskoy culture. "And it looks like — says Manzanillo — that those who rule the four of us started this system could be buried in the Pyramid of the Sun."

Like thousands of years ago, it continues to dominate over all the buildings of the ancient city. Its height is 66 meters. Originally the pyramid consisted of four (again, four!) Tiers on a square base with sides of two hundred meters. In ancient times, on top of it a temple, which was a stone idol, which was destroyed during the Conquest — the conquest of Mexico by the Spaniards and Portuguese in the XV — XVI centuries.

Built in the heart of the city around the 80th year of our era, the pyramid may have been a symbol of fertility, men ascended above the ground in order to resist the evil incarnations — has an exceptionally powerful and dangerous eruptions of nearby volcanoes. Their snow-capped peaks, on one of which still smokes ominous smoke, and now loom on the horizon, but about their past excesses reminiscent of huge deposits of obsidian — volcanic glass, which has become the main raw material for the local little factory souvenirs and countless artisans, literally imposing their products nemudrenyh visiting tourists.
To test the hypothesis of the existence in the thickness of the Pyramid of the Sun hidden burial chambers, historians and archaeologists have turned to physicists from the Institute of Physics of the National Autonomous University in Mexico City. Those, in turn, reminded of the technology, which has in 1960 used for the "transmission" of the pyramid of Khafre in Egypt Nobel laureate Luis Alvarez of the University of California at Berkeley. And just as then, elected for this purpose so-called muon detector.
Muons — are elementary particles that are formed by "firing" the cosmic rays of the upper layers of the atmosphere. Due to its small, they are virtually free to pass through solid objects, thus losing energy as a function of the density of the material to resist them. If the body of the pyramid on the way to meet the muon void detector mounted under it not only notice it, but also help to establish what place there is a hidden room. The big advantage of using muons is that they are totally harmless to humans, because every day through our heads are millions of these subatomic particles.

By the way, the muon technology is going to use in the war on terror and the Border Service of the United States. The corresponding detector model created near Mexico, in the U.S. forge nuclear weapons — Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico. "In the interests of national security, we have developed a system by which we hope to close access to our country any suspicious items in sealed shipping containers and trailers — says spokesman Kevin Roark laboratory. — This inexpensive and harmless technique is able to detect, for example, in a truck with sheep uranium ball the size of a grapefruit. "

Created by the same laboratory of the University of Mexico in the unit cost of 500 thousand dollars going to establish deep beneath the Pyramid of the Sun. Several thousand years ago, chosen for this dark and damp cave, connected to the outside world the narrow manhole was used for religious ceremonies. It has already tested a prototype detector that registered in the body of the pyramid first muons.
After a few months in a cave, this product will be installed, physicists hope to enroll about 100 million particles per year. According to the head of the Institute of Physics Professor Arturo Menchaca, if successful strikes by archaeologists discovered voids tunnel, and then, maybe, finally learn who rules Teotihuacan.

Burial chambers, if they still find the Pyramid of the Sun, may shed light on other dark spots in the history of the ancient city. After all, are still unknown or his original name, nor the ethnic roots of the residents, no matter what language they spoke, nor why they are not left no written records. It may be possible to unravel the mystery and Quetzalcoatl — the deified white-skinned alien from the east, will provide local residents with new knowledge and preached the faith based on love. He is dedicated to Teotiukane one of the pyramids. Some scientists believe that the basis of the myth of Quetzalcoatl went early Viking visits to the U.S. mainland. A universal worship this deity has helped the Spanish conquistadors destroy ancient civilization. After all, its rulers considered the epitome of Cortez Quetzalcoatl.

The last months of the scientific community around the newly applied to space. At the same time, scientists using data from two U.S. rovers on the Red Planet, try to look not only into the depths of the universe, but in the past the Earth. And at the same time in Mexico cosmic rays help reveal one of the most intimate secrets in the history of mankind. This is another example of how everything is interconnected in this world.

Yury Kolesnikov


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