White swans are often arrive in Chuvashia


Photo: District administration Kanashsky

21.09.11.Esli recent years, to the delight of birdwatchers in the Chuvash Republic "marked" rare birds — in particular, the pink flamingos that have made adjustments in the Chuvash government and griffon vultures (scavengers), whose arrival some found very symbolic in terms of development region, this year is not so generous with ornithological event.

In particular, on the dam Novo Uryumovo Kanashsky area were seen white swans — "one of the most beautiful species of avifauna." "In the area Kanashsky swans stop infrequently. Gracefully curved neck, head held high, snow-white feathers, soft and graceful movements of these birds do not leave anybody indifferent and striking to behold, "- said in a REGNUM Gosvetsluzhbe Chuvashia.

The appearance of white swans — not uncommon for Chuvashia. Recall that last year in the Republic saved the swan, who could not fly. Bird found in a pond near the village of Young Morgaushskogo Area for unknown reasons, she could not fly, and with the cold weather waiting for her imminent death.

"The Swan told us compassionate villagers. Was organized by the joint check with rangers hunting, in which birds were caught and handed over to the MUP "Engineering controls" Cheboksary, who already have experience in keeping swans in captivity for Cheboksary Bay, "- said in Gosohotrybsluzhbe.

Note that this is not the first "operation" in Chuvashia to rescue a swan. In 2004, on the Volga below Cheboksary hydropower remained winter hundreds of ducks and two swans. One podranok and the other seemed to be trying to keep him company all have heard about the swan's faithfulness. Then local activists decided to jointly produce a constant feeding.

Source:  IA REGNUM

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