Who are they — the evil sorcerer?




Sorcerer removes dead man from the grave, causing his body to the secret signs and sprinkled with his blood. The corpse opens her eyes and rises to listen to the orders of the owner. The "Risen" erased any feelings and memories, and with them, and the human personality. He is incredibly strong physically: could easily wipe out an entire village, but … Most likely, the African magician uses his besotted sacrifice for practical purposes: building a house or collecting pineapples. It is in the Hollywood films "Evil Dead" kill and destroy, but real African sorcerers claim that they never use their zombies to cause harm to people. Although, when our reporter got to the heart of the reserve voodoo — in depth in West Africa — the most "normal" voodoo rituals seemed to him much scarier any cinematic …

I walk down the largest in Togo fetish market (fetish — an inanimate object, endowed with a faithful representation of supernatural properties. — Ed.) Around — Thousands of dried lizards and mice, half-decayed head of monkeys and leopards, mummified rat, horns and skeletons. All of this — no special exotics for tourists. Africans at every turn traded for zhabih eyes and necklaces made from chicken legs, as if to buy chicken legs or iced cheese. 70% of the population of Togo and Benin actively consume different powders and potions made from this zoomertvechiny. And it is quite logical. Voodoo here — the religion of more than 50 million people. In Benin, she did state, then even the Day of voodoo! Suddenly I feel uneasy: Some of the generously laid out on the counter skulls and bones suspiciously resemble human … No, it seemed. I explain that all human graves in the "voodoo countries' cemented to the black magicians do not climb inside and haggling at the fetish market," human flesh ". I translate the spirit of relief, as my guides added: "At the same time we are hedged on a case if the poor dead can be impatient," go take a walk! "

In Africa, over such jokes to laugh for some reason do not want to. This cradle of mankind is still full of mysteries, including the voodoo magic — one of the "brand". For us, communication with spirits, and brewing love zombie powder — fabulous exotic, but for most residents of Benin — a daily necessity for us to brush their teeth and sing out of tune in the bathroom. The basis of the voodoo religion — faith in the spirituality of all the elements of nature and the cult of worship of dead ancestors.

Voodoo priest can become a man and a woman. Men's and women's powers are strictly distinct. "Mambo" (woman) calls the spirits of the ancestors, predicting the future and interpret dreams. "Honggang" (man) is usually adept spell that creates a variety of drugs and powders. "Cease to be" voodoo priest can not, alas, this is the title of a life. But why alas? This "profession" in West Africa, one of the most sought after!

Zombies are attacking America

Not a single important thing, whether it be a wedding ceremony or construction of a house is not complete without a voodoo priest. You bought a used car? An experienced priest will poke her and will surely find a lot of malicious fetishes left by the previous owners, passengers, etc. Thus, it will reduce the likelihood of theft, accidents, and even increased fuel consumption.

Center of African voodoo is the city of Ouidah, chief priests live here. 11 day of January in the ocean they conduct basic rituals of the festival, including for tourists. The crowd is excited — probably with the help of hallucinogens and local brew pineapple — zudabi.

Ouidah is notorious even his way of slaves. It is for her two centuries ago were thousands and thousands of poor souls in West Africa that are sent overseas. I grew up a huge baobab road, beating nine times that servant was required to forget their past, their name, village and religion. But voodoo slaves were not forgotten. On the contrary, in the new environment, it has become increasingly fierce, dark and sophisticated. It was there, on the Caribbean islands inhabited by slaves of voodoo country, and to this day there are secret societies the practice of zombies, cannibalism and human sacrifice. Local black magicians are supposed to create the Tonton Macoutes — the ghost who commits vile deeds. But the most terrible stories related to the product of a terrible dark powers of voodoo — zombies.

Probably, the practice of zombification came in very ancient times. It is believed that the use of hard drugs, including those isolated from glands and skins poisonous tree frogs, tarantulas and skolopendr. Plus tetrodotoxin, one of the most toxic substances in the world, extracted from certain species of marine fish. The poison is absorbed through the skin by spraying it into the victim's home or when you touch the subject, the polished deadly powder. The unfortunate lapses into a coma and appears dead for the people around him, while maintaining consciousness. Excellent, "building material" for the Sorcerer ready.

The living dead

LEGAL voodoo priest openly demonstrate their abilities usually during a religious ceremony. At this time, it is sure to bring a sacrifice — any pet, usually a rooster. It is believed that at the time of the murder is life energy, which supplies caused by spirits. At this time, many of the participants of the ritual actions become obsessed spirits. They begin to spin wildly, talking incoherently and eventually fall unconscious.

Togo and Benin belong to the few African countries where the world's religions lose traditional beliefs. But the missionaries of diverse views willingly and it is safe to recruit their supporters, erect churches and schools. Christianity in Africa, most of the women's religion, but also a way of positioning the local nobility. But deep down, most of them still belongs to his roots — the inexplicable voodoo.

Anecdote to this topic
— Yesterday I was in the market gypsy wondered. For just $ 70 learned that I goof.

Kirill L. Benin, Togo, West Africa


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