Why Cambodian border guards my fingerprints?


28.10.12.Nikak can not recover from the heat. As left with Pye, so from a mountain chill immediately in hot summer. Somewhat surprisingly :)
We got to Cambodia today. On the border of innovation. Taking fingerprints from foreigners. Why?

I understand when it is done in Malaysia. There's harsh laws and are often performed. But Cambodia — a country of total corruption. As we stood in the queue, the local border guards from anyone quite openly for the money spent on the "fast track" of the Chinese, Indians and Europeans of old. They put the same dies as us, but they have fingerprints no one would. That is, anyone who cares for a small denyuzhku could easily enter the country without being hit by a fingerprint database. And why is it then necessary?

The main thing is the impression of the day — Fish Amok still tastes good :)


Your Amokolyub!

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