Why Keppeler KS-V so expensive?

Why Keppeler KS-V so expensive?

Sniper rifles that specifically implements the class in which you can see more clearly how important quality and well thought design. This is particularly noticeable in those models where used manually operated with the sliding bolt. It would seem that there is nothing complicated about to make a similar weapon, no. Barrel, trigger, bolt and base on which you can install it all — take it and do. Yet, desynchronization in cost per gun actually similar structures can be very large, and individual standards and generally are the champions at their own prices, and this despite the fact that no weapons of precious metals or stones, and all quite shy and just . Try to figure out what exactly people are willing to shell out large sums of money, as well as how an instrument that does not have in its own design completely unique and personal supernova gaining value.

Certainly, the most striking example of how simplicity can do in large amounts is a sniper rifle Keppeler KS-V. On view is the most common rifle with the sliding bolt, but there is in her appearance, and some features. First, in the eyes throws that gun shop is located forward of the handle, as in the traditional assembly, and not hold back handle guns, and immediately above it on the left side tilted at an angle. So Makar, the manufacturer was able to immediately reduce the overall length of the gun, while retaining all of this normal length rifle barrel, as the main instrument to deprive shortcomings build Bullpup in sniper rifles manual reset when the sliding bolt, and specifically not the most comfortable positioning of the handle to recharge. So Makarov, according to the manufacturer, achieved the highest rate of gun charge, as the rate of substitution of the store as needed. In my eyes it is a matter of habit faster, the main thing that with all these manipulations with the gun did not have to twist his hands in an attempt to recharge the rifle, as it happens with most models in the assembly Bullpup.

Why Keppeler KS-V so expensive?

Is noteworthy that a complete parts gun control at least, no safety devices rifle Keppeler KS-V has not. Trigger and handle the sliding bolt consists of all parts of the abundance of control in this weapon. Bolt action rifle itself has stowed position in which the handle is turned up a bit with a retracted gate back. In such a situation impossible to fire the shutter, but with all this to say that this feature plays the role of a fuse, it is impossible, because the main objective is placed across the width of the size reduction tools, rather than protection from accidental discharge. Incidentally, reliable fixing shutter in such a situation it is, which is absolutely not fun at a cost of up arms when more deshevenky models by other manufacturers is implemented, in general, it is not so critical.

 Why Keppeler KS-V so expensive?

Fascinating feature of guns is that it has the ability to install a bipod, as a gun barrel, and over it all at the same time he does not touch their trunk and remains freely posted. Themselves folding bipod and adjustable in height. Also a pair of «legs» in the front of the gun and there is also a third butt also height adjustable, which greatly simplifies the control area sniper in a long time, because they do not have to keep the gun.

Rifle butt does not add up, which is justified assembly tools. But he has the ability to be adjusted either on its own length, and the height of the palm cheeks. In both cases, adjustment is carried out using conventional bolts. Curiously, height adjustment palm cheeks done quite comfortable and it may simply be carried out without departing from the gun, but the adjustment of the stock performed the least comfortable. Replaced in order to establish a similar plastic wheel to adjust the limited handles, passing through the regulator. He was not completely comfortable to use, but on the other hand have similar tools usually only one winner and frequent adjustment is not required, and in so doing bring down the adjustment will be very difficult. Although the adjustment of the stock is not so clear procedure so that it safe with her in vain, if, of course, the real premise is specifically to save the configuration of the stock for a long time, but I see no other.

Scopes, bipods and other devices attached to the Picatinny-type seating. Are three of them: two above and one below the gun. So, it was decided to abandon one continuous strip of fastening the top to reduce the weight of the rifle. Curiously, for weight reduction in the rifle used extensively individual parts that are made of aluminum powder upressovannogo. Because this material is quite fragile, it is not the most vserasprostranennym, especially guns swatches top price category. But the designers managed to partition the elements of this material in the Macarena, they even fall rifles do not feel any burden, and means remain intact. At least, so they say themselves designers, and wanting to check it with an instrument whose price starts from 5 thousand euros, no, well, themselves rifles Keppeler KS-V is not so is not enough.

Not for tools created for the army and the police with the designation «Sniper» there is also a version of this hunting rifle respectively marked «Hunter». This modification differs from the main gun variant that it is almost the butt of a tree devoid of ability to adjust the length and height of the palm cheeks, also missing the second landing on top of the gun. In all other respects it is the same rifle. Appearance of a hunting rifle version seems somewhat specific, looking at it, there is a feeling that something is missing in it, but this is my personal worldview. Cost is an instrument cheaper, but hunting is still quite expensive tool that is available not far everyone.

So Makarov, it can be concluded that the appearance of the rifle and its ergonomics are not distinguished from the general mass of something supernatural, but a few decisions that obviously do not pull on the amount you need for a weapon. The device implements are also quite easy and trivial, something to amaze «bolted» rifle really hard. So, he locks the gate bore rifle 8 stops, grappling with the breech and not to the receiver, as it is written in almost all sources. Coupling with the barrel itself leads to lower power cooperating to the receiver at a shot, and means to make it easier, in general, it is not far innovation and applied this solution is very long. The trigger mechanism of guns, one hundred percent adjustment in all imaginable and unimaginable performance, but it’s kind of like the same reason the highest price is not guns. So Makarov, one can conclude that the rifle inside and obviously there is nothing per se, for which he could not give five thousand skimping European funds. Quality of it, of course, the quality, but still.

In my opinion, the main reason of the highest rates of this rifle is being sold not just a rifle, a rifle with a set immediately under several variants of ammunition. So, coupled with the instrument is immediately set trunks and stores under 7,62 x51, .300 Win Mag and .338 Lapua Magnum, for option guns Sniper. Option Hunter is equipped with 2 barrels, and accordingly and 2 stores under 7,62 x51 and .300 Win Mag, hence the difference in almost 1000 euros. So Makar, the real price of a rifle with a barrel comes out to about 3000 euros, which is more than acceptable, even more so that the quality is really good guns. So although 3000 means a lot, but more than the sum of the real in relation to 5000.

In fact, this is the main part of the secret of expensive tools, as well as many other models. While most of the manufacturers will not put even unnecessary cog in a set here instead of a rifle comes just three under different ammo, and cost only 1.5 times more than for a similar instrument in its features, but without the kit barrels. Where more exciting is that these kits are sold together with trunks tool, rather than separated from most rifles ushlymi traders and not «driven into» separately. Hence taken and uniqueness of the guns, because not all far suspend its own sights on the rifle with such a price tag, and those who are interested, unlikely to buy outright weapon with a set of trunks under a variety of ammunition, so if one under, it would be possible on the issue of buying conceive. So Makarov gun got small spread that only fills it cost, and walks around the rifle a bunch of rumors, which it aims or herself, or she shoots. In fact, it is the ordinary gun with good equipment and good properties, for which he paid money, and nothing supernatural in no rifle.
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