Wikipedia founder threatens to erase all content


Photo ITAR-TASS Marc Tirl

13.12.11.Osnovatel world's largest online entsiklopediiWikipedia Jimmy Wales is planning to do, all its pages blank in protest against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

This is a new law against internet piracy, which will vote on this week, the U.S. Congress.

Should the SOPA, authorities will have the right to ask ISPs to block access to all sites with pirated material. Actively act against the law, many Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, «Kaspersky Lab», Mozilla, eBay, LinkedIn, AOL, Zynga, and others.

According to representatives of the Internet giants, should the U.S. government SOPA get too much leverage in relation to sites accused of hosting the pirated content.

Share the "zeroing" pages Wales decided to protest after the successful experience in Italy.

Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia: «A few months ago, the authors of the Italian Wikipedia community has decided to make all the pages encyclopedia empty for a short time as a protest against a law that would infringe. Soon, I will participate in a White House meeting with representatives drugihinternet companies, which will be discussed SOPA along with politicians. "

Source: NTV

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