Winter in the UK was the warmest for 350 years


25.01.12. In London at the weekend was unusually warm weather, which made the performance winter of 2011-2012 in the UK to be the warmest in the last 350 years.

But meteorologists say that the weather could be worse, and the easterly winds will bring snow storms and cold temperatures in the country.

Dan Williams from the Met Office, said that if the western winds blowing in from the Atlantic to continue, they will bring the warm air throughout the UK.

"However, if the wind changed direction to the east, there is a possibility of entering cold air from continental Europe," — he added.

Snowdrops bloom began on 4 January. Daffodils bloom too early, and the buds on the birches, oaks and hazel began to break.

In Britain this week to set the temperature at 11.9 degrees Celsius, which covers even the performance of Istanbul and Madrid, reports Daily Mail.


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