Witchcraft — good protection




Judith St. Hileyr according to all forecasts had to go to prison, but escaped with probation and order to attend courses for young mothers to care for children.

31-year-old St. Hileyr prosecuted for being in June 2002, she did not go to the doctor so they helped her dying child. Her son Alexander-Jacques was three.

Respondent explained to the court that he could not call an ambulance because she was prevented spells induced by her neighbor at the house number 848 on East 57th Street in Brooklyn's East Flatbush.

Jurors shown a video of how St. Hileyr testifying police. According arrested a neighbor turned to black magic after St. Hileyr complained to her son, who allegedly defrauded her older daughter.

"I knew that my child is sick, I knew that he needed a doctor, but I could not raise my hand and dial 911," — said the woman.

In the end, the jury decided not to involve her liable for criminal negligence, and felt that she made the actions that threatened the life of a child.

Brooklyn Law School professor Richard Farrell says: "In this case, the black magic of this mystery is that the jury, having all the evidence, concluded that her actions were not criminal."

But the judge sentencing came not from the explanations about black magic, and from the fact that scampish mother could not have known that her son — a blood infection, which led to the death.

The defendant was his trump card. She stated that some of the blame lies with the Brookdale University Hospital, where he was born Alexander Jacques. It turns out he had a rare disease of the cells, which might contribute to the development of infection and death.

Judith St. Hilleyr and her husband, the limo driver, has two other children, who, after the death of Alexander Jacques was transferred to the care of the city department of child protection.


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