With an oil platform off the coast of Ghana evacuating staff


7.07.11.Burovaya platform Marianas, owned by Swiss-based Transocean — owner exploded in April last year in the Gulf of Mexico platform Deepwater Horizon — for unknown reasons until early Wednesday partly submerged, with the result that it had evacuated 108 people. This was Transocean spokesman Guy Cantwell.

"The situation is stable. No one is hurt. Thirteen people were on the platform and control the situation, "- said Cantwell, not telling, however, to determine whether to stop the ingress of water to the rig. According to him, under investigation, but the possible cause of the leak too early to speak.

Against the background of this news Transocean shares on the New York Stock Exchange fell on Wednesday by more than 3%, according to ITAR-TASS.

Platform Marianas — semi-submersible drilling platform that was commissioned in 1979 and modernized in 1998. Currently contracted largest Italian oil company Eni.

In October 2009, the Marianas started drilling the well "Macondo" in the Gulf of Mexico, but in November 2009 stopped working as a result of damage caused by Hurricane "Ida." British company BP leased for completing another platform — Deepwater Horizon.

In April 2010, there was an explosion, which killed 11 people. In the following months in the Gulf water got almost 760 million liters of oil. Following this incident, the U.S. imposed a temporary moratorium on oil drilling in deepwater fields, and Marianas was transferred from the Gulf of Mexico to the coast of Africa.


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