Work on the establishment of PTS-4 coming to an end

Russian Defense Ministry launched a consultation of technical documentation and determine the parameters of state orders for heavy floating transporter PTS-4. Work on the PTS-4 began in 2009. PTS-4 is built on the chassis elements of the Russian T-80 tank: caterpillar tracks, torsion bars, but clutches and transmission PTS-4 inherited from the T-72. The power plant, which is equipped with a floating conveyor is a tank engine producing 840 hp


PTS-4 created Design Bureau of Transport Engineering (part of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod"). The main characteristics of PTS-4:

  • total weight — 33.1 tons;
  • management office (cabin) double execution;
  • payload land / water to 12/18 tons;
  • speed land / water to 60/15 km / h;
  • Length — 8.3 meters;
  • width of -3.3 m;
  • engine power — 840 hp;
  • cruising range on the ground to 600 km;
  • the range of the water by up to 10.5 hours;

Zenith conveyor armed installing closed — 12.7 mm caliber machine gun on the remote control to combat Ammunition 400 rounds of ammunition reserve ..

Now the Defense Ministry intends to prepare the documents for the inclusion of amphibians in the state defense order for 2014. The machines are designed for the engineer battalion of motorized rifle and tank brigades. PTS-4 is able to transport any infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers and trucks.

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