Work on the production of prototypes, Kurgan-25 is almost completed

Work on the production of prototypes of combat vehicles "Kurganets-25" in Kurgan enterprises division of military equipment "Concern" Tractor plants "- Kurganmashzavod and the Special Design Bureau of Machine Building is nearing completion. This made Chief Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defence Lt. Gen. Alexander Shevchenko, examined the prospective BMP "Kurganets-25" is not only outside but inside as well acquainted with its device.


Head of military equipment Concern Michael Levshunov together with experts and CMH SKBM showed chief GABTU factory welded structures, mechanical assembly and assembly and commissioning of production Kurgan. In the pilot plant, Alexander Shevchenko showed several samples of new products.

The spectrum demonstrated representative of the Ministry of Defence military technology was not limited to new models. The meeting discussed issues concerning not only the production and technical capabilities and performance of contractual obligations "Kurgan-25", a special technique for the Navy, but were affected by supply issues and BMP-3 for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of Russia within the framework of the state defense order for 2014-2015 .
Also discussed was the possibility of training and hands-on training of personnel of military units operating and maintenance Kurgan armor. Established this year on the basis of CMH specialized training center will help to solve this problem, develop a focused training.
In general, the head of GABTU gave a satisfactory assessment of the state of affairs to fulfill contractual obligations and CMH SKBM, making sure, within a specified time for a new technology will be transferred to the Armed Forces of Russia.

Create machine is commissioned by the Ministry of Defense. Armoured vehicles based on the new platform, "Kurganets" will enter the army after 2015. Fundamentally new family of armored vehicles are unified in the framework of the state armament program until 2020. Unified platform "Kurgan" may be the same for the average combat vehicle caterpillar type — we are planning to create infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), command post vehicles (CSV) machines exploration and ambulances, as well as artillery guns with a caliber up to 122 millimeters. When a new machine developments are taken into account by the previous project "Kurgan" — BMP-1 and BMP-2 and BMP-3. The design weight of the machine of "Kurganets-25" does not exceed 25 tonnes. Drivetrain machine located in front of the machine. They will be shifted to the right to improve the layout and increase the survivability of the machine. Troopers leaving behind a fighting machine. The maximum number of paratroopers — eight people in full gear.

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