World heats, cools off Alaska

January 4, 2013. Despite the global trend of global warming on Alaska there is a process of constant cooling, at least for the last decade, scientists report. In the first decade, Since 2000, the state is cooled by an average of 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit, according to online newspaper Alaska Dispatch.

In its report, published in Atmospheric Science Journal, Center for Climatic Research at the University of Alaska, reports that the figures are too large, given that it has been only ten years. Lowering the temperature was recorded in 19 of the 20 stations of the National Weather Service Alaska. In parts of West Alaska temperature readings showed the lowest value in 10 years.

According to the researchers, all the fault of the ocean and the so-called Decadal Oscillation, as a result of which, the cold temperature of the surface waters move closer to Alaska. On the question of how long this trend will continue, the scientists did not give a specific answer.

Source: Rage Of Nature

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