YEAR 2010 hits record in scale NATURAL DISASTERS

Forecast year set a sad record of the number and scale of natural disasters, said EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Kristalina Georgieva. She reported that the victims of natural disasters around the world were more than 300 thousand people, the economy damaged by 180 billion euros, whereas in previous years the damage was estimated at 70-80 billion euros, reports Deutsche Welle.

According to Georgieva, especially the major disaster began the Haiti earthquake, which killed nearly 250,000 people and devastating floods in Pakistan, affecting 20 million people.

European Commissioner noted that natural disasters in 2010 differed truly gigantic scale of the long-term consequences, which will require many decades. As examples, she cited as forest fires in Russia, floods in Bulgaria and Poland, and the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to Georgieva, in the coming years, the number of natural disasters in the world will increase. This is due primarily to climate change and population growth. She stressed that the victims of elements dependent on aid from the EU will increase, and called for the development of cooperation with countries that are especially vulnerable to climate change, as well as a worldwide network for early warning of floods and hurricanes, and provide rapid assistance to the victims.

Climate change could actually lead to more frequent and powerful extreme weather events, it is necessary to continue to invest in the infrastructure of the observations, which enables us to study these phenomena, said the head of the World Climate Research Program Dr. Ghassem Asrar.


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