Yuri Longo: During the parade of planets are born geniuses




It is believed that the parade of planets do not bring good to humanity. With this natural phenomenon traditionally associated earthquakes and floods, riots, exacerbation of local conflicts and coups. From March 22 to the territory of Russia, you can watch the parade of the five planets. What is it we are facing, says a famous magician and astrologer Yuri Longo …

NewsInfo: It is considered that the parade of planets can cause various disasters and to provoke war. What can we expect this time? Earthquakes? Acts of terrorism?

Yuri Longo: No, earthquakes will be. Parade of planets usually causes increased aggression in humans. Here is the situation as with magnetic storms. Formerly of them did not know anything, and magnetic storms cause people discomfort and depression. In this parade of planets may increase aggression in all the world. Not only in Russian …

NewsInfo: A recent developments in Israel have nothing to do with the parade of planets? The murder of Hamas spiritual leader Sheikh Yassin just coincided with the beginning of this natural phenomenon.

Yuri Longo: Murder Yassin directly connected with it! Especially since it was done by missiles from the air, and not some way yet. And then all the Eastern countries, including Israel and Palestine, it is very susceptible to stars in the sky. The Israelis, in general, the nation is quite magical, because there many religions have taken place, including Christianity. Therefore, I believe that the strongest influence — even more than Russia. For Russia this parade of planets will not be much difference.

NewsInfo: That is, the parade of planets will not affect the events in Chechnya?

Yuri Longo: On the events in Chechnya, he will not have any effect. Everything that happens in Chechnya, it is so against the background of local events worldwide problems. Here the influence of the minimum space.

NewsInfo: The influence of planets parade clearly limited period of time?

Yuri Longo: It's hard to say, because the planets affect us at all times. The strongest effect is experienced by the people who discovered the cosmic chakras. Space chakra is located exactly in the center of the crown. Some of it is closed, and these people almost nothing is affected. Only, perhaps, some general points of the horoscope, but it is rather inherited. Parade of planets only affects people who are open outer space — I would say to people harmoniously developed for people who are engaged in yoga, meditation, or something like that. These people were strongly influenced by the planet, and the parade of planets even more so. A combination of several planets and stars a stronger effect than one planet.

NewsInfo: It is said that children born during the parade of planets, it will be very difficult character …

Yuri Longo: … Or the opposite — a brilliant character. Whether or not a special character, and brilliant destiny. Nobody knows why the geniuses are born. With some anomaly that should be connected. And all of these planets may give either a genius, or some diabolical force. I anticipate that many astrologers will disagree with me, but the magic that is good and that every man must have his opinion. This is not scientific knowledge, this is the parapsychological knowledge based on their own intuition, clairvoyance, insight. And no one talented person can not claim that it is some kind of pattern.

Some facts from the history of the parade of planets:

It is a natural phenomenon in 1954 BC. e. so frightened the rulers of the Chinese empire, they zeroed your calendar and began to count again.

Significant astrological event was the parade of planets in February 1524, when the seven visible planets came together in the sign of Pisces. Immediately there were over 160 scientific treatises, which astrologers have tried different ways to interpret this sign. Assumptions about the impending end of the world caused widespread unrest among the people all over Europe.

February 5, 1962 French President Charles De Gaulle made a speech on the independence of Algeria, and the rest of Indonesia, there was a total solar eclipse.

One of the last parade of the planets was in 1989, it also coincided with the solar activity cycle and powerfully manifested itself in six months. In astrology, there is such a law — about six months after the occurrence of a cosmic event, become familiar with its consequences. And just six months later, in the autumn, "fall" Berlin Wall, there was a change of ideology in Eastern Europe.

Prepared by Svetlana Lyzhin


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