Zhevodannsky bloodthirsty flesh-eater

Werewolves, werewolves and wolves people — all of them are familiar to us from many art books and movies. But the real story about the incident, compared with the stories from the books, they seem ridiculous fairy tales. If we take the page record, which turned yellow from time to time, we may find any mention of the inexplicable and impossible facts.

Many written testimonies recount that in the XIX century wolves have established a real terror when they ceased to hunt animals and started to attack people. However, no one story can not be compared with the terrible story of the giant wolf, who for two years has claimed more than sixty people's lives. The locals called it hell hound forest.

The story began back in 1764 when this huge wolf lunged at the young girl, who was watching a herd of cows. Fortunately, this woman is still alive, although his wolf claws ripped her arm and chest.

However, the wolf tasted human blood and this meant that the stories started in the darkest and terrible period. It is this wolf, which is an old legend was enchanted entered the history of France as a terrible and bloodthirsty beast of Gevaudan.

However, people who know this case has to be alert, but in the village he attached no importance, and very soon forgot the locals. But in July, a small village near the Arbat wolf killed a girl of fifteen, completely mutilated her body. Then in September, a wolf attacked three more children, as well gnawed their bodies. This wolf was biting his victim for a person with sharp teeth tearing it beyond recognition.

In November, a terrible wolf attacked ten people, all of Gevaudan swept scary horror, residents felt that their every move watched, trying to catch a wolf but all people have suffered from the clutches of the same wolf.

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