01.06.12.Tysyachi dead fish surfaced in the Kinneret


Photo from: http://news.walla.co.il

01.06.12.V Friday, June 1, the Israelites who came to the Sea of Galilee, to watch thousands of dead fish floating on the water surface.

Witnesses report that the coast can not be because of a bad smell. The Israelis, who planned to spend a holiday close to nature, running from the lake.

Moshe Gofen biologist in an interview Walla News said that it was not an "environmental disaster", fish kills occurred because of lack of oxygen.

According to him, the strong west wind blowing yesterday in the Sea of Galilee, was the cause of the "storm" on the lake. Waves were raised deep layers of water with low oxygen content.

Of the Office for the Protection of the Sea of Galilee reported that a team of specialists started cleaning the coast.

Source:  Walla News , NEWSru.co.il

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