01.07.12.Mor bull now in Donetsk region


01.07.12.V settlement area Urzuf Donetsk washed ashore several tons of dead bull. Along the coast communal urgently have started cleaning, and environmental reclamation declared catch bull, to reduce the risk of further loss of fish.

Zamor bull started because the oxygen levels in the water dropped by 10 times — at the rate of 8 g / liter of the content dropped to 0.8 g / liter. Repetition of the new release now depends on the weather. Azov bull can save a storm, but if you set the calm — environmentalists do not exclude the possibility of a new freeze in Mariupol.

Why steer to the shore, where the oxygen is less likely, but does not go to the depth — the scientists have not been able to explain, and are at a loss. It is noteworthy that such a natural phenomenon occurs in almost the same place. Most of all — in the Zaporozhye region, less — in Donetsk.

Source: Today

24.06.12.Gibel fish in Zaporozhye oblasti.Video. Photo


Photo: N. Ryabchenko

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