03.07.12.Gibel bees in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Video


3.07.12.Ulya emptied overnight. In Nizhny Novgorod region Bolshemurashkinskom mass killing bees. Beekeepers suspect that the cause was chemical processing fields. Is there any reason to suspect farmers? A correspondent of the "news — Volga Region" looking for an answer.

Apiary near cemetery silence in the season's honey harvest. A few days ago a beekeeper paltry Alex could not believe my ears and eyes. Bees — the nurse of his own family — is rapidly dying out, but he can not stop it. The mass death of bees repeated last 3 years. During this time, apiary halved. It was nearly 200 residential hives, and less than a hundred.

For many local residents honey and bee products — the only means of livelihood. But now the harvest of honey no one expects — frames are empty. Although around endless fields of rapeseed honey plant. True, beekeepers believe that because of this rape of their bees die, but rather because of pesticides, which it is processed.

In the fields of beekeepers are canisters from chemicals. They wrote a guide: if instructions have been followed, all the bees, of course, would not have survived, but the mass deaths could have been avoided Scary guesses confirm the findings of veterinary expertise: insects poisoned. Hosts field far away: whether in the neighboring region, or even in Moscow. In any case, with the owners of apiaries have not met, but only with the farm director, in fact, the performer.

Valentine Anokhin, a beekeeper, "He said that they were treated as, and will be processed, and we do not sue."

Bees is low, but the survivors are very aggressive. Another notch not visible insects with pollen. Beekeepers complain that tireless toiler seemed confused and suddenly forgot about his work. Even the beekeepers in the confusion.

Alexander Zhuravlev, beekeeper: "It's like something native consuming. Previously, communicate with them and live easier, and now I do not know. "

Antonina single, main livestock of "Nizhegorodpcheloprom": "The court will determine whose fault. Determine economic losses made up acts. "

However, beekeepers are worried not only about themselves and their loss. Near fields treated with poison vacationers gather berries, there are walking children. Contrary to the instructions, warning signs on the plantations is not rape. Farm managers do not even take care of people.

Source: STRC "New York"

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