03.08.12.V Kuleshovka river dump chemicals



03.08.12.Nedelyu back in the river Kuleshovka massively lost fish.

Journalists from "Spasskaya" together with civil servants of the Federal Maritime Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva raided Kuleshovka Watch out to find the cause and extent of the environmental disaster caused damage to the ecosystem.

On the analysis of river water samples were taken and the remains of river animals.

The river is a tributary of the River Kuleshovka Spassovki, until 1972 officially she wore a Chinese name Gehe (oyster, Rakushechnoe River). During the industrialization of the river ecosystem has suffered great damage. According to anglers, the last time they began to see that the river is restored, there was a diverse fish on the river began to live herons.

— On Friday, July 27, the water was green and yellow, — the anglers VladimirNikolsky. — First fry swam in the evening — a snail. On Monday, I saw a large fish swimming belly up.

On this day, fishermen reported the situation head of territorial administration Rosrybolovstva GregoryShapovalov. He immediately with the staff went to the scene, they were joined by journalists of "Spasskaya".

The first thing the inspectors examined places possible discharges of chemicals, it was sewage runoff in parking LLC "Spassky mechanical plant." And SMZ not the only danger. Grigory Shapovalov, this sanitation compared to the company "Armada" and combine asbestos-cement products. The next possible release to the site has been found, but Gregory Shapovalov decided to talk to Alexander Ryaby, CEO SMZ.

— Accidental discharge of our technology can not be. Bath of acid and alkali have direct communication with livnevkoy — said Alexander Ryaby. — When the acid, alkali are deteriorating, we pumped into the tank. There is diluted with water to the maximum allowable concentration. When the PH is correct, we do a reset. It happens once a year.

In order to dispel all doubts civil servants, Alexander K. offered to go to the factory and get acquainted with the system of treatment and disposal of waste.

Employees of Territorial Administration Rosrybolovstva examined bath with harmful chemicals, saw container production wastes. But they are interested in rain well, which were traces of a yellow substance.

Foreman Roman Kravchuk explained that the rusty spots of the old equipment, which lies on the street near the livnevki.

Together with representatives of the plant, it was decided to travel down the river. Near perehodki through Kuleshovka near the store, "Sasha", we found a large crowd of the dead and had already begun to decompose fish.

— At a distance of two kilometers from the bridge in the gas station "Alliance" killing all vodnobiologicheskie resources. The final count is impossible to make, it is unknown how much of it has come up, — said Gregory Shapovalov. — According to preliminary estimation, dace killed more than a thousand. Also killed carp, pike, catfish, carp, and other fauna of the river.

SergeiKuzmin, Head of Improvement and Environmental Administration Spassk-Far, explained that only the results of tests of fish and river water can identify the culprit. This is confirmed and Grigory Shapovalov:

— Fish and river water is sent to the laboratory of Ussuriisk. After laboratory testing of all samples and the administrative investigation can be called guilty.

Specialists at the moment can not say exactly how long-suffering Kuleshovka will recover, because what chemicals were in the river — is not yet known.

Journalists from "Spasskaya" will monitor developments and inform their readers.

Source: Spasskaya

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