06.06.12.V one of the rivers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory killed fish


In one of the rivers of the Krasnoyarsk Territory massively killed fish

6.06.12.Reku Mazulka Achinsk area anglers are not particularly fond of. They say the fish was not so much. However, living in the vicinity of the river before the men noticed that covered almost the entire surface of the emerged bellies up carp and grayling.
Over time, dead fishes blown over, some washed ashore, some — to the bottom. As experts say, such a massive fish kills can occur due to unauthorized discharge of untreated sewage into Mazulku waters. And this, incidentally, is not the first case of violation of environmental laws by local community services.

— This spring, it was found that "Achinsk Utility Systems" conducted unauthorized discharge in the village of Novo Mazul Street — East — says state water-bailiff Mikhail Sudakov. — In this incident was made the administrative stuff on the official, were penalized. According to a new fact will investigate will be sampled and sent to the laboratory.

If confirmed, the company guilty, the amount of the fine on the legal person from 100 to 200 rubles. The death of marine biological resources is set, the reasons will be known later.

Source: yarskonline.ru

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