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Updated May 11

Source: Television Agency Urals

Yekaterinburg, June 11 (New Region, Ignat Bakin) — In the Middle Urals was massive fish kills in ponds. Dozens of lakes and rivers have become a "cemetery" residents fauna.

Photo from "Uralfishing"

As the correspondent of "New Region", in relevant online forums for fishermen are sounding the alarm. Urals to the onset of heat and release water from the ice began to gradually open the summer season, but in many lakes and rivers they expected a shock. Coastlines dozen dead fish ponds are covered.

Almost catastrophic situation this spring has developed, in particular, on the lakes wireworms, Deaf, Aydykul and others. Also incidents were recorded in the north of the region, near the village in Kostousova Rezh area on Lake Bayes and some upper river. Peculiar card "fish PE" is now drawn to the efforts of the fishermen in the discussion forums.

According to experts, among the traditional causes of mass fish kills in the Middle Urals — the lack of oxygen in water or industrial emissions. In some cases, the situation is complicated by the significant fall in the water level, bessnezhem this winter and strong frosts. According to some estimates, the damage to the environment as a result of emergency caused by millions of rubles.

Note that the exact circumstances of the death of water inhabitants in many cases remain unsolved. According to the Nizhneobskogo territorial department of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, part of the water area is not kept under control by the municipal officials, who did not investigate the environmental disaster. Refuse to participate in this as specialists Rospotrebnadzor. True, and fishery biologists do not hide that because of limited staff can not control all subordinate rivers and lakes.

Meanwhile, in the nature Urals now face another problem — some reservoirs have become garbage. Dump household garbage in the waters of lakes and rivers left fans of winter fishing. Graphic confirmation of this is the lake Izhbulat, Bagaryak, Ayatskoe and reservoirs — and Beloyarsk Reft. On the coastline can be seen piles of plastic and glass containers, wrappers from chips, crackers and other snacks.

To prevent contamination of the final water, ichthyologists and ordinary fishermen started coming to clean areas. In the May Day celebrations, in particular, a mass voluntary work in large reservoirs of the Middle Urals.

Photos from the forum site "Uralfishing"

Source: New Region

In the Middle Urals was massive fish kills in ponds

Coastlines dozen dead fish ponds are covered

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