11.08.12.V Kachkanar mass killing pigeons


Dead birds collected packages

17.08.12.V Saturday, August 11, a resident of one of the houses in the neighborhood 6a found on his windowsill dead pigeon.

Similar findings were found in the entire quarter — from the old church to the registrar.

Many birds lying on the asphalt playgrounds and lawns caused fear among the citizens. People contacted the emergency service dispatcher, the place went Viktor Panov, contractor shot off stray animals. Only in the area of two houses — № 5 and № 6 — he collected a little more than thirty dead pigeons.

— Some birds "fell on the move and on the fly" — says Viktor. Believing that they had been poisoned, he contacted the vets.

Confirmed the fact of poisoning Valery Sunfuhay, head veterinary clinic. According to him, the birds living in the attics of houses, tenants could prevent their cries:

— Rather, the attic poured poison-bait — he suggests.

In other parts of dead birds found none. Valery Sunfuhay a version of the poisoning came "on the reverse." He was confident that the cause of death may not be emissions. In this case, he said, the birds would have been killed in the whole city:

— This case was about 10 years ago. Then after a few hot months was rain, and hundreds of birds around the city died from poisoning by chlorine. Probably somewhere had to throw, but he remained unnoticed before chlorine washed sediment to the ground after a long drought, — explained Valery.

He also denied the version of the epidemic:

— Because local birds do not fly anywhere on Kachkanar, the epidemic can only happen during the trip — in spring and autumn. Pick up the infection, they can only by migratory birds, if they, for example, get a pond "halt."

Such as now, a precedent, according to the vet, was recorded three years ago. Then in Kachkanarskoye CHP found about two dozen of poisoned birds

— Almost identical symptoms indicate poisoning — says Valery Sunfuhay.

At the same time, he said, found the remains of birds on Saturday were not transferred to the laboratory for analysis — the cause of poisoning, says the head of the veterinary clinic, it will be difficult to establish.

Source: Kachkanarsky Thursday

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