11 people were killed in floods in Indonesia

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January 21, 2013. January 15 Indonesia has heavy rains that caused severe flooding. While usually in the capital — Jakarta — the January total precipitation totals 300 mm, in these rainy days just for one day 180 mm of rain fell. Traffic in the city is almost completely paralyzed.

Disaster victims are already 11 people. Five people died as a result of electric shock, four elderly people died of hypothermia or disease, two children drowned, reports Bloomberg. More than 18,000 man had to be evacuated.

According to meteorologists forecast, rainfall will be going all weekend. In the nearby town of Depok spilled rivers of water that went in the direction of Jakarta.

Food supply city may be impaired, leading to a rise in consumer prices, the state at the Ministry of economy of the country. In Jakarta, declared a state of emergency to be lifted no earlier than January 27.

Covered with water area of the capital is 41 square kilometer. In 2007, the water had gone 232 square kilometers of urban areas, had to evacuate 320,000 man.

© Beawiharta Beawiharta | Reuters

© Beawiharta Beawiharta | Reuters

© Beawiharta Beawiharta | Reuters

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