12.04.12.Gibel fish in Kazakhstan


ASTANA, April 12 — IA Novosti-Kazakhstan. Release of dead sardines on the beach recorded specialize in the Kazakhstan part of the Caspian Sea at the end of last week, according to news agency Novosti-Kazakhstan employee of the fish inspection in Mangistau region.

"The first case of ejection of dead and living sprat was registered on Thursday, that is, on April 5. After April 8 there was no longer discards "- said by telephone from Aktau.

However, he said that "it was not such a massive release, a few a day."

To identify the causes plague sprat fish samples were sent to a veterinary laboratory. The results are not yet available.

Sprat is the main fish in the Caspian Sea.

In late March, on the Kazakh coast of the Caspian Sea has been fixed mass death of seals. It was found 35 carcasses of marine animals. Causes of plague seals have also not made public. We only know that the water does not exceed the level detected contaminants.

Source: IA News-Kazakhstan

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