12.06.12.Na Kievschine because outage killed 100 thousand birds


12.06.12.Iz-off for the light in one of the largest poultry companies' complex Agromars "(p. Gavrilovka, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region) killed 100 thousand birds. On this day the press service of the MES in SI TU area.
"In the absence of June 10 from 10:00 to 16:00 power process violation occurred, which led to the death of about 100,000 birds," — the report says.

Recall, a limited liability company "Complex Agromars", founded in 1998, is a vertically integrated holding company, which is engaged in growing crops, fodder production, cultivation and breeding broiler poultry meat and its implementation through its own franchise network "Gavrilovskie Kurchatov" .

Source: Independent news bureau

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