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12.07.12.Reka mouths again "strewn" dead ryboy.Spustya year the situation is repeated. But this time the scope of the plague much more. According to estimates of environmental belly up popped about 40-thousand fish. The surface of the bed of the river just dead perch, roach, carp and perched. Local fishermen believe something in the river periodically drained.

How many dead fish in Usti independently calculate difficult it like a bed of the river. Local fishermen say this have never seen.
Fishermen are outraged — the river has not been cleaned for a long time, and the fish belly up povsplyvala, because it is something merged.

And Internet users in social networks tell us that even saw dead frogs and animals, similar to an otter or beaver. Environmentalists cite several reasons that could cause a massive plague. Perhaps, they say, the fish died from oxygen starvation. This is shown by the results of studies of surface water.

Local rybinspektsiya adds to at least partially protect the fish from the river of death needs to be cleaned.
This summer fish kills is not the first. On June 23, the police department about this criminal case. Then, tell law enforcement officers, veterinarians discovered that the fish also died from lack of oxygen. Laboratory studies also showed excess of ammonia.

Meanwhile, officials insist the mouth of the dead fish will clean and disinfect the coast.
In urban sanitation centers claim to catch live fish in Usti safely. However, it is better to wait until the public utilities will clean the river from the dead.

Source: Channel "Rivne 1", Rybalka.com

Exactly 12.07.12.V thousands of dead fish floated to the surface of the river mouth, which flows through the city. As explained to the correspondent of Radio Liberty in the city sanitary and epidemiological stations, selected for examination of fish samples were found infections or parasites — the problem is the lack of oxygen in the river water because of the heat.


At the same time, the press service of the Rivne Gorotdel police detected in water in excess of 4-6 times allowable ammonia.

The police opened a criminal investigation into the contamination of surface water. Law enforcement officials suspect the possible release of waste into the river.

The mouth of the river today the most contaminated in the Rivne region. Water quality significantly affect inadequately treated sewage water from enterprises Zdolbunov and Rivne regions.

Source: Radio Liberty

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