12.08.12.Massovy fish kills in the Kuban. Photo


13.08.12.Po post residents, yesterday, August 12, 2012., Near the village of Zhuravskaya (Korenovskii Krasnodar Region), there was a mass death of fish in the river Zhuravka, which flows into the river Beysuzhek Left.

Photo T.Tereschenko

How to tell the fishermen on the shore was found a large number of deaths of fish (catfish, carp, etc.) and crayfish surface of a river covered with dead fry, float large pike. Around is suffocating musty smell.

Cause environmental disaster locals believe emissions from the territory of the upstream Zhuravki Viselkovsky sugar factory.

According to residents, representatives of the regional Rospotrebnadzor, who arrived at the emergency, take a water sample for analysis did not, saying: "We Viselkovsky plant will not communicate, are you want to shoot us?".

At the sugar factory Vyselkovsky calls anxious residents respond that any discharge from the plant was not denying his guilt in the mass death of fish.

Currently, fishermen try to pull dead fish nets.

Source:  Environmental Watch on North Caucasus

Dead catfish Photos T.Tereschenko


Washed on the shore dead fish Photo T.Tereschenko





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