13.04.12.Gibel fish in the Altai. Video


13.04.12.V Altai dying fish ponds. At first glance, there is nothing strange. But even on the way to the water, a few tens of meters, the nose begins to beat the sharp smell of rotting fish, as a signal that there is really something wrong. To understand what it is, we now take a water sample and take her to their analysis.

But to get close to the water is not easy. The shores of the Upper Pond in the village of Barnaul October literally strewn dead fish. The alarm sounded by local residents. Warmer, many gathered for a picnic, and now this! The reasons are not clear fish plague. Most likely, the fish suffocated in the winter under the ice due to the lack of oxygen was removed immediately — October fishermen claim that the winter drilled wells.

In Pavlovsk also drilled wells. But not all winter, but only in the beginning of March — an initiative of the local authorities and emergency workers. True, all in vain. When the ice on the river Funtovka flowing into the city pond, began to melt, the fish surfaced. A clear answer on the mass plague fish at Pavlovsk authorities yet, but Vlasihinskaya administration, in charge of the village and October, their version sounded. The upper pond is located next to the dam. Autumn are the release of water to the spring housing sector is not waterlogged.

Kashcheev Alexander, head of the village administration Vlasihinskoy: "There is a certain standard — fault-neck. Prior to her level of water we dropped, prepared for floods. And, of course, cold winter with little snow has done its job. The number of ice, and the fish have suffocated. "

To confirm or refute this version, we still took water samples and sent to the regional Rospotrebnadzor official letter. Meanwhile, officials are going to announce the passing of this reservoir for rent. They say the pond is to be master. It can raise fish on a commercial basis, and will monitor its safety.

Tatiana Sinkevich

Source: STRC "Novosibirsk"

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