13.06.12.Gibel fish in East Kazakhstan. Video


Updated 15/06/12.

14.06.12.Tysyachi carcasses found dead uskucha professionals Markakolsky reserve. Valuable species died due to lack of oxygen in the water. Such fish kills in Markakol occurred first.

Experts say that the blame unusual weather: winter this year was little snow, and the heat in the region has come too soon. As a result, one of the rivers flowing into the lake Markakol heavily shoaled. She could not contain all the fish that came to spawn in the lake. According to estimates from oxygen starvation killed about 10 tons of valuable species of fish. To avoid even greater losses on the river decided to put special protections.

Roman Savenkov, Director of Altai branch of LLP "KazNIIRH":

— Today, the situation there has stabilized, that is this massive move stopped, now the fish continues to spawn, but this is the youngest generation. This population. Stream it is not so strong.

Tatiana Kovaleva

Source: CTC

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13.06.12.V East Kazakhstan Lake Markakol documented cases of mass death of fish. In the valley of the river spawning Glukhovo — one of the tributaries of the lake — found thousands of dead uskuch listed in the Red Book.

As a reporter 1tv.kz, according to scientists, ichthyologists only chetyrehkilometrovom area tributary killed over 7.5 thousand salmon. Scientists do not exclude the environmental disaster. Left in place a team of investigators and ichthyologists.

Employees Altai Research Institute of Fisheries conducted environmental, ichthyological, hydrochemical assessment, measurements of water-as well as opening uskuch carcasses. It turned out that the cause of mass death of fish in hypoxia — lack of oxygen. All the matter in the hot weather and abnormally low rainfall. The 27 mountain rivers that feed the lake Markakol much the water level fell. In addition, the river shallowed rapidly heated to an intolerable for salmonids (13 degrees) temperatures.

Employees Research Center have found a way to save the fish: install the barriers across rivers and riverbeds shallowed thereby regulate the fish start to save her from hypoxia and death.

Note uskuch — a unique fish. The same species is found only in one of the lakes of Canada. While the summer in Kazakhstan will be the same water shortage, loss uskucha can occur at three rivers.

Source: The first channel of Eurasia

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