134 village in Ukraine remained without electricity


8.02.12.Iz-last snowfall and strong winds occurred breaks power lines, and on the main roads of a traffic jam.

Since yesterday, the residents of Odessa, Kherson and Crimea region sit without electricity.

Because of the strong wind and snowfall on the power lines have been numerous precipices. To begin the work of reconstruction rescuers must first undertake the clearing of roads, which formed the snow drifts.

At this point in the Crimea energized 108 settlements, 15 — in the Odessa region and 11 — in the Kherson.

— Directed to the field maintenance crews, and in hard to reach places specialists accompany nine-terrain vehicles — told Life News in the Ministry of Emergency Situations. — There is also road clearance.

The second day the technique works on the track of the "Armenian — Simferopol."

Irina Desyatnichenko

Source: Life News Online

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