15.05.12.V Feodosiya bay crabs die


15.05.12.Vsled for the massive loss of anchovy and dolphins in the Bay of Feodosia was threatened population of sand crabs.

As the correspondent of the portal "Novoross.info" deputies Seaside Village Council (Big Feodosia), today the team of the local executive committee went to the area of the so-called Sand beams, where these days marked by the mass death of sandy crab.

"Crab ikryannoy, does not go ashore, dies in shallow water. I do not know whether this is connected with the dolphins, but the facts speak for themselves, first fish on the shore, then the Dolphins, and now crab, — one of the deputies of the Primorsky soviet. — We are waiting for a response from environmentalists, would not want it to impact on the holiday season. "

Recall that in May this year on the beach in Feodosia found several hundred dead dolphins. The first dead dolphins have been found during the May holidays, and after, May 3 and 4, were common in the Maritime stranded dead anchovy, and therefore appealed to the local government authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of environmental inspection for a determination of reasons for the mass death of dolphins and fish, and take measures to prevent a possible environmental disaster before the holiday season.

Source: Novoross.info

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