15.06.12.Gibel fish, bees and animals in the Bryansk region



15.06.12.Prirodoohrannaya prosecutor checks processing fields with selhozaviatsii near the village Specific Uta Vygonichskogo district.

According to assumptions after spraying herbicide from the air in the local lake fish surfaced, the apiaries bees died, and in the woods — small animals and birds. The two-year Diana recently released from the hospital, where she was, eating strawberries, grandfather collected near the village.
Local residents fear that the processing of land from the air with herbicides, which was held by the agricultural holding, the chemicals could get not only on the field. Population forbidden to pick berries in the woods. However, the ban is not all heed: berries — is real money, and considerable.

Roundup is the world's most popular herbicide. Weeds do not perish from its virulence, and breach of the synthesis of amino acids by plants. But safety is only guaranteed funds in strict compliance with the rules of application, such as spraying with the wind direction, to process only the desired area.

In the area until Vygonichskom conducted appropriate expertise, their versions and guesses about what happened nominated by local residents. This is now the most discussed topic in the specific Ymax.
Caretaker of the lake, which is located in a private lease, showing pictures of dead fish. It had to catch and bury a few days to the heat decomposing fish did not cause more damage.
To investigate the environmental disaster joined CPS. Experts collected samples of soil, water, fish and berries, and sent them to the laboratory for analysis.

Culprit in the pollution of land determine environmental prosecutor's office. While here declined to comment, saying that the sample selected by experts not yet been investigated.

Source: STRC "Bryansk"

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