17.05.12.Gibel fish in the pond of the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University


Photo: "Evening Moscow", Igor Ivandikov

17.05.12.Vandaly waded into the Pharmaceutical Garden, threw a barrel of fuel in the pond, thus virtually all the fish died.

The incident occurred on the night of May 16. Rescuers have cordoned emergency special place booms to prevent the spread of diesel fuel in the water. Fuel would have to collect a special agent. Garden staff in terror waiting for the arrival of the special services.

— No one saw the vandals sneaked into the garden. I came in the morning, and around all Porush — sad voice said "Vecherka" head gardener Pharmaceutical Garden Anton Dubenyuk. — Walkways that were made last year alone, broken, floating in a pond boat — sunk. Villains thrown into the water barrel of diesel fuel — Pond film sucked. All fish, mainly carp, were killed, leaving only one.

"Vechercom" will monitor the situation in a unique garden. Went to the scene, our correspondent Elena Pugacheva.

Source: Evening Moscow

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