18.03.12.Gibel fish in Lake Kaban


Photo: Portal ProKazan.ru

18.03.12.Ogromnoe number of dead fish found near the bridge over the lake Boar Street Esperanto.

The number of dead fry and big fish in the thousands.

Almost every year at Cabane a mass fish kills, environmentalists believe that the problem is due to receipt of the pond of pollutants from urban enterprises, as well as untreated stormwater and meltwater.

Earlier, the portal ProKazan.ru already wrote that the government ban pour sewage into the boar, which will play the Universiade

Portal users gave their assessment of the situation: "I bet with anyone that livnevkoy that carries wastewater from all the slides and flows into the boar in the May Day will not do anything," "That's it guys, and we would live with a big dirty puddle in center of Kazan, if not Universiade. And employees of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan would not get engaged in the direct duties, if not for foreign visitors. "

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Source: ProKazan.ru

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