1980. The mass appearance of UFOs or running?




"In the local newspaper published an article" The atmospheric anomalies "in which the author asks witnesses of these events to write to you — wrote in 1981 OI Smirnov of Kimry Kalinin Region Yaroslavl ufologists. — I have long been interested in the anomalies in the atmosphere, or as I used to call them — UFOs. Posted by many hypotheses to explain the physics of these phenomena, including chemiluminescence. There are optimists, telling the artificiality of UFOs. Personally, I do not think it chemiluminescence.

Now the main thing. I've personally observed a UFO in the sky, to the north of Kimri a distance of about 15 — 20 km. This phenomenon can be observed from 7 hours and 20 minutes to 7 hours 50 minutes in the morning, December 27, 1980, Saturday.

I started watching only 7.35, but that was from the very beginning, I told a friend of mine, who also observed this phenomenon from 7.20 to 7.30. What happened between 7.30 and 7.35 is unknown.

So, at 7.20 am from the forest outside the city from the ground to the sky started to rise in the shape of an object, like a disc with a dome on top. The left side of the disc has a blue-green, dark red right. The dome was white. On the bottom of the disc to the ground stretched column of light. The impression as if the "mushroom" grows on a stalk. Thickness of the "pillar of light" was four times less than the diameter of the disc. With the periphery of the disc at an angle of 45 ° from the vertical, downward directed beams were similar to sun, past the window in the clouds, which reached the earth's surface. I note that the weather that morning was damp, overcast but not strong.

The object rose to the clouds, who turned around on it for 7 minutes. When the object to the left a short distance, the dome drive suddenly had a lot of small objects in black, similar to a comma. As such, the drive struck a cloud, leaving behind a ravine, along the edges of the glowing white light. Next, drive behind a cloud was visible not only glowing column from its center through the ravine stretches up to the Earth. And the little rays, penetrating the cloud, also reached the Earth itself. Soon the side beams are gradually fade away, followed by the central. Was 7 hours 30 minutes. The more he saw nothing, because anxious went into the house.

At 7.35 I saw a cloud hovering over the bright spot, which is down from a 30 ° angle from vertical vnaklon was sent glowing "ray", which pierced the cloud and passed a little below it ended abruptly, as if clipped from below.

Moreover, immediately drew the attention of paraboloid, not tapered distribution of "ray". On either side of it there is a "arc", repeating its curvature. On one axis paraboloid beam between it and the Earth has been located in an elliptical blue-green with a well-rounded edges. It was not transparent, since a closed cloud in the sky.

After 20 seconds, a bright spot suddenly disappeared. At the same time disappeared arc follows the curve of "ray". "Ray" has not disappeared. He faded and began to shift away from the clouds, changing shape and breaking up into separate "pieces." These "pieces", in turn, began to disintegrate into a glowing dust (very similar to the recession of suds for a clean surface of the water).

Ellipsoid did not change his position for 4-5 minutes, then it started to blur the edge, he stretched out along its axis, and slowly, over 10 min., Went out.

It should be noted that even very bright point of light is not illuminated the space around them. Disc diameter was equal to about 1.5 lunar disk, as we see it from Earth. No interference or interruptions in radio broadcasts were not. Sound effects too.

All this happened, as I have pointed out on Saturday, and on Friday evening, around 17.00, many residents of our city, and I among them, watched a couple of bright flashes of light lilac, illuminating the sky in the north of the city.

It is possible, in my opinion, that the source of the outbreak is still the same object that is on the surface of the Earth.

Similar objects, but other forms, were observed in mid-February and April 1981.

If you have any questions for me, please write. Personally, I have some thoughts on this. "

This object can be seen in the Yaroslavl region. Igor K. Lebedev of Deeva-Castle wrote:

"December 27, 1980 Saturday I watched an unusual object. That morning I went on a fishing trip on the river. Shigolost in the district of the village Deeva-Castle by bus, departing from the bus station Dacha (Yaroslavl) in 6 hours 50 minutes. morning. At 7 hours 30 minutes. the bus stopped on the outskirts of the village of Castle Deeva-in baths. The bus was working the radio, and just started a half-hour radio call sign "Mayak". Fishermen and I got off the bus and headed to the river, and then up the river Shigolost.

The fishermen were on the ice at the bottom of the river, and I am on the coast path. It took 6-7 minutes. After getting off the bus, I noticed the object flying towards us. Actually, the only light was visible from the "lights" at an altitude of 100-150 m "Spotlight" was directed downward and to the right at the rate of some object. It was dark, and the object is not visible. I've decided that it's a plane, but then noticed that there is no sound. Immediately asked the fishermen: "What is it?" Someone answered? "Airplane!" I have said that the sound is not present. Then another fisherman joked that this satellite. The speed of the object was about the speed of the helicopter. I went to the ravine, crosses my path. Suddenly the "light" stopped and started after 2-3 seconds of green emission of radiation. "Farah" has not changed its position, and is still shining down — right, emission source was somewhat higher than the "lights". Emission of green light passing portions powerful. It was like a rocket launch from Baikonur, but somewhat weaker. Portions of emission gases are not a club, it was only seal in the right zone of each release, apparently, from the air resistance, or earlier releases. The glow was bright — bright green color, but the snow was not lit them. The luminance comparable to the brightness of the full moon. Emission intensity was growing somewhat. "Headlamp" gradually melted away in a luminous green cloud, since given way to the brightness of the green light, and then apparently was turned off. Emissions continued for about 1 min. Or somewhat more. The object is then moved. This was evident from the shift of "sheet" release. "

His story was confirmed Vladimir Sirotkin:

"December 27, 1980 came with a friend on the river Shigolost in the district of the village. Deeva-Settlement fish.

It was still dark and we sat down near the shore waiting for the dawn. Around 7.40 in the sky (the north-western part) appeared bluish-green glow, and in it a round ball, glowing white light. This went on until about 9.20, after which the ball went up sharply and disappeared from view. The bluish-green cloud gradually paled, and by dawn had disappeared altogether. The morning was foggy. The air temperature -3 ° below zero.

The brightness of an object is less than the brightness of the full moon. It was a fog. Moon was hard to see through it. State of anxiety … "

Despite the censorship, March 24, 1981 an article appeared in the observation of the Murmansk newspaper "Polar truth." It outlines and excerpts from letters of Witnesses:

"December 27, 1980 in 7 hours 30 minutes. in the sky over Murmansk I saw a flying fireball. On each side of him were two other smaller ball. They were white in color to red-hot. Behind the balls remained tail, the exhaust gas from the plane. All that shimmered like a rainbow, or Northern Lights. And when the ball disappeared behind the television station on the hill Varnichnoy in the sky remains blue cloud. What was it? — A. Stern, Murmansk "

Going to work, 7 hours, 30 minutes. I saw the fiery star, flying from the south-east. Behind her trailed a glowing trail. Not far from the Monchegorsk star has faded, and the sky shone with all the colors of the rainbow until dawn. — M. Il'yashenko, Monchegorsk. "

Editors asked to comment on the letters of scientists of the Polar Geophysical Institute of the Kola Branch of the USSR. Researcher of the Polar Geophysical Institute, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Vorobyev admitted:

"The phenomenon observed by many residents of the Murmansk region in the morning on December 27 — is really very colorful, capable by its shape, color scheme, by the nature of the flow to capture the imagination of the observer. Similar phenomena in recent years have been repeatedly observed in the sky over the Kola Peninsula, as already reported in the newspaper "The Polar Truth" May 12, 1979 The unusual effects observed in the atmosphere, the difficulty of comparing them with any natural phenomena such as auroras — a phenomenon common in areas of the Kola Peninsula — has given rise to various rumors about unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or "flying saucers." In this regard it should be noted that most of the abnormal phenomena observed in the atmosphere, due to relatively simple, "mundane" reasons …

Unusual glow, observed December 27, 1980 Comrade. Il'yashenko M., A. harsh and others, reported the equipment of our institution and is now being carefully studied. We are grateful to the authors of the letters for the post. Taking this opportunity, I would like to thank comrade. N. Panova O. Vashkevich from Murmansk, AV Barasheva of Kirovsk, TV Leichenko from Apatity, VN Makoveeva Alakurtti from the village, and many others who have written in the Polar Geophysical Institute of the Kola Branch of the USSR Academy of their observations of unusual phenomena in the atmosphere. "

I could not get a record of launches made in 1980 from Plesetsk, but well-known features of zapuskovyh effects in eyewitness accounts do not allow doubt that this time is not about UFOs.

Russian UFO Digest # 1 / January 2004

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