20.06.12.Gibel fish in Bratsk. Video


20.06.12.Pochemu killed the fish? This issue in the newsroom asked BLS Padun resident. The man backed up his words with video — it is filmed the day before: these frames — the bay, which is located between Padun and energy.

According to the man, he changed his mind after seeing fish: he was concerned not so much dead fry as foamy water's edge. By the way, that day no one dared to fish, but this place is popular with local fishermen and motorists. What caused the mass death of fish larvae, it is not clear, although at a specified location already visited the fishery protection officers.
"We have organized the raid. Experts went to the scene. This fact has not been confirmed. If you find the fact of mass death of fish — fry or large — should be reported to our department. Will leave our experts, the cause fish kills, calculate the damage and punish the guilty, "- says Natalia Dodonova, state inspector of Brotherly interdistrict department control, supervision and Fisheries.

Source: Fraternal TV studio

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