20.06.12.Massovy sea horses in Kazakhstan. Video


Photo from: tuesdayshorse.files.wordpress.com

20.06.12.Massovy case foals in Akmola region.

For several weeks, veterinarians and experts can not determine the cause of death of animals. So far expressed only shepherds.

Sharapov Syzdykov, RESIDENT P. Kyzylsay Akmola region:
"The grass on our land covered medications, we think of this disease. Why else? Already 50 foals were born dead. This we have never been. "

There are suggestions that the foals infected horses imported from Russia. However, none of the official version has not yet been confirmed. According to local residents, killing it foals, horses in the herd is healthy. While veterinarians are no anomalies in the analysis did not show. An unknown disease has already spread to other villages in the district say Akmatov.

Source: TV and Radio Company "31 channel" Kazakhstan

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