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21.06.12.V PLEMZAVOD "Borodino" Bograd district killed 91 calves. Deaths occurred after treatment of the herd from insect pests.

Analysis of post-mortem material excluded anthrax and poisonous weeds as the cause of death of animals.

— In tests found organophosphates, which are widely used in veterinary medicine, agronomy, — said the deputy head of Khakassia gosvetinspektsii Vladimir Vasiliev. — The animals were treated against insects article containing such compounds each year.

Vladimir Vasilyev admits that spetsveschestvo could cause poisoning of animals, but it was true or not, will be known next week. The remains of the working solution, which processes cattle sent to Krasnoyarsk Center Rosselkhoznadzor for research.

Company has lost half of young dairy cattle breeds. Carcass is buried.

Source: Newspaper Khakassia

22.06.12.V village. Polindeyka in Khakassia in a couple of hours after treatment, the animals of lice and other parasites was a massive case of cattle.

At breeding farm "Borodino" desire to help the cows get rid of pesky insects led to tragedy. On Monday, in the paddock of cows treated with a special veterinary preparations, and they began to die one by one, just 1.5 hours. Local vet managed to save only half the herd.

Artem OHALNIKOV: "A week ago in this valley were grazing about 200 breeding cows from the herd now has less than half. Loss of cattle continues, kill and adult animals and calves "

To determine the causes of mass death of cows, a special commission, a number of analyzes. Sibirskoyya ulcers and toxins of poisonous plants that can poison animals, experts have found. Presumably cause mortality was a veterinary drug "Diazenon." The enterprise uses it without incident for 19 years.

Alex Galimov, Acting Director General of FSUE "stud" Borodino ":" Practically there were no problems with it. Proven medication is very strong. But the laboratory has confirmed that there was a high content of phosphorus "

In the Republican version of the veterinary services of the poisoning agent confirmed. Apparently, the dose was exceeded, or contrary to instructions for use.

Gulnara ERIMOVA, Head of the State Veterinary Inspectorate of the Republic of Khakassia, "Today, we received the laboratory result. Animals fell from poisoning organophosphorus compounds "

The company incurred a loss of $ 2 million. Today, all the veterinary treatment of breeding plant "Borodino" suspended until all the circumstances of the incident.

Source: Yenisei TV

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