22.06.12. Fish kill in the Belgorod region


Photo from: kavicom.ru

22.06.12.V river Oskol in Sorokino again registered a massive fish kills — Hundreds of representatives of the water world, from fry to large tailed, floating belly up, otsvechivaya scales.

And it seems again that environmental crime will go unpunished …

Charged situation like a blueprint to that was a year ago. Again in June, Sorokin, again all was right after the shower, which was held at the peak of the hot weather …

At five in the morning, fishermen noticed that the river flow is floating dead fish. Pike, perch, rudd, pike perches, ides, minnows, bleak, roach — the catch would be king, so many fish would be enough to feed the soup fill dozens of fishermen.

That's just one of those who was at the time on the river, cook a small fish not dare. According to the observations of witnesses initially red fins in some species noticeably turned white gills — blackened and fish itself was solid, as if cramped.

During the day, the arrival of the authorities and environmentalists, has not stopped the flow of fish, and even increased — apparently began to float down to the bottom. Angered residents who arrived on the scene, does bonfire local authorities and "Water canal":

— That's all from callousness leaders! The third year is observed, and in fact all of the sewage discharge pipe goes! River dies in his eyes, all the crabs already extinct, now the fish dies. Our children are covered by a rash after swimming and itchy from the water, and the authorities do nothing. Each time the commission sent to find nothing!

Photo from: kavicom.ru

Listen to the interview and I have a feeling of deja vu resistant. The same accusations "Vodokanal" in regular night discharges (although it is unclear why these faults are not fish dies, and after a heavy rain — dies). The same explanation is the replaced management "Vodokanal" about the impossibility of such discharges, even in terms of technology.

Environmentalists, the third party in the dispute, shrug: to identify and punish the culprit must take tests immediately, and not in a few hours. Otherwise, as in past times, is unlikely to be able to reveal something — all the stuff is gone downstream and dissolve in water. Environmentalists even in past times were given cards to local residents with cell phones to about similar situations they shall receive in any time of the day or night.

The analysis of the samples will be available from day to day, and the next week, if not before, the results will be announced. While it is possible that they will be predictable. And again, the real culprit can not be identified …

In the list of suspects includes not only the "WSC". I have already laid out a photo report about how the people themselves, and vacationers love to store the river mountains of manure, building materials and various debris, including a high degree of danger (oil, oil products, chemicals, and so on.). After all, it is no coincidence sea begins after heavy rains, the river washes away all that is on its bank.

So the options causes the plague of fish can be different. Reset with businesses located along the river (ecologists have repeatedly identified the pipe clear, but certainly not all found) the fault of the residents and summer (as in response to hints guide "Water canal"), intentional damage by cattle owners of private ponds, natural factors (in hot fish and so hardly breathe) …

Well, if their job does not manage local services, it may be time to invite Moscow? Of course, the payment of the experts of the specialized research institutes can fly the district a lot of money, but maybe there will be enough teams metropolitan university professors with "improvised" students? They would take up this challenge as for their scientific work, would make her the candidate himself or doctorate. A Oskol would only pay for their travel and food, yes, maybe, a monument of habit set!

Laughter laughter, and find some solution costs. Otherwise, this problem will go into the category of eternal Stary Oskol "eco-ghost" like flood the city smell of yeast and oil stains in the waterfront — the existence of these problems, too, no one is arguing, but I have not found guilty …

Dema, especially for Kavikom.ru.

Footage from which to take a screenshot provided by Nicholas Black.

Source: Kavikom.ru


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