22.06.12.Gibel bees in the Tomsk region. Video


22.06.12.V village Romanovka dying bees and sick people. The prosecutor's office began checking on compliance with health regulations with working fields fertilizers. The village Romanovka Tomsk region, several families feel bad.

People think is to blame for the entrepreneur who annually sprays his fields with pesticides. As a result, affected villagers and their backyard. Most are involved in beekeeping.

Bees in Victor Ovchinnikov die every day. Over 40 years of hard work this picture into your own apiary sees first. Learned that the next similar situation. Insects are returned from the field and almost immediately die. No bees — no, honey. Beekeeping for them — the only escape from unemployment.

Tatiana Snegirev correspondent: "But this is a different kind of business. In the fields of the village Romanovka grow high-grade grain. According to residents, wheat treated with pesticides. And it all happens in a hundred meters from residential buildings "

Beekeeper Victor Ovchinnikov to save apiary own investigation. Recently, he took photos, which show: Processing fields fertilizers. Beekeeper took the tractor can of liquid and realized that the substance of the second class of danger — the herbicide to be used in at least three miles from the house.

Victor SHAPASHNIKOV, pensioner: "Bees are the indicators of well-being. Bees died. Suppose that we have suffered a loss, but this is reflected in public "

Litvinov love for the third day of taking it. Feeling sick woman relates to the fact that the fields nearby is the unauthorized processing of toxic drugs. Residents appealed to the prosecutor. Start the test. Rospotrebnadzor experts today came to the villagers concerned.

Elena Kulagin, chief Rospotrebnadzor Tomsk region: "If it's chemicals, and they come in different types, so clearly harmful. And if there is a violation of the Regulations with working fields with pesticides — it results in injury, up to cancer. It may even be acute intoxication "

The building is representative of agricultural firms SEC "Ray" and OOO "Siberian grain" than an accountant in place no one. It is the "Siberian grain" actively caring for their wheat fields in Romanovka. Everyone is on holiday.

Within 20 days of Rospotrebnadzor specialists need to learn how often treated fields, which the wind speed, is a control over the use of pesticides and why they were not warned residents. It is known that the maximum penalty for such an injury to human health — a fine of 20 thousand rubles. And the health of bees is not settled by the administrative code.

Tatiana Snegireva

Source: STRC "Tomsk"

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