22.06.12.Gibel fish Berdsk. Video



22.06.12.Berdskie fishermen are alarmed — massively dying fish.

Favorite activity for fishermen Berdsk turned unpleasant event.

Vladimir Fyodorov, a fisherman: "It was found in this support large perch, with no obvious signs of external damage, but the dead also okunishki small, too One dead and half dead. Very much. "

To photograph the dead fish we could not. However, on this coast, vacationers are assured — something suspicious in this water is.

Love Zemlyanukhina, a resident of Novosibirsk: "We went to swim, the smell was there, to be honest. A nasty smell. "

According to Vladimir — a strong chemical odor coming from a brown foam, in which lay the lost fish. His fellow fishermen in two weeks have seen a similar picture. Alarmed by the fishermen started to comb the shore and found the pipe here.

Galina Kuchin, head of the public organization Novosibirsk Regional Committee for Water Resources: "I think it could be a source of fish kills. Because you see, it does not work now, but it is clear that it is in constant operation, where even washed a ravine. "

In the waters of the Novosibirsk region is often the case the mass death of fish. In April this year the lake bottom curve was literally strewn with it. Residents were assured — not without releases to water pollutants. Check revealed — a slight excess of the maximum allowable concentration of some chemical elements. But the decisive factor was not it, the oxygen content in the water was twice as low. Fish simply gasped.

On the river Berd is not the case, sure fishermen. And environmentalists saw immediately a number of violations in the coastal zone. The sand is washed out a stream of water that came out of the water pipe, which is poured out is not clear, however, and without this information, just looking at this picture, it's clear — the water in the river Berd not very clean. In addition, campers put the car at the water's edge, which is a violation of the Water Code. Putting transportation allowed no closer than two hundred meters away. However, no signs, and drivers often do not think or do not know about the ban.

Anton Ivanov, the driver, "I'm not, I do not belong here, then just come to swim."

Environmentalists — in coastal areas must install signs prohibiting parking vehicles. This will reduce the discharge of pollutants into the river. But whether this was the source of contamination of the reservoir tube and mass death of fish — Conservation officers will decide. They should already take water samples at the site.

Julia Roznova

Source: STRC "Novosibirsk"

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