23.04.12.Gibel fish in the holy lake in eastern Moscow. Video


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23.04.12.Iz-this environmental disaster in the reservoir of the metropolitan area Novokosino fish kills occurred. Spill fuel on a holy lake in eastern Moscow found the morning of 23 April.

— In place of the departed Emergency Situations Ministry and the police — said a police source. — Witnesses reported that the lake next to the street in a greenhouse Novokosino floating dead fish.

When we reached the experts confirmed the information — on the surface of the reservoir has spread spot diameter of 40 meters.

Elena Mikhailova

Source: Life News Online

Factor Vtemeni comment:

I do not know how much to blame for the death of fish oil, it may be emptied after that would Zamor blame on oil pollution, but the first report of a holy lake has appeared March 24, 2012 on one forum where more fuel there was no smell, the name of the theme: URGENT! on the Holy Lake fish die!

Posted on: Pradovod March 24, 2012 — 09:27

His wife was on the morning of the holy lake — a small ice-hole fills up with fish, still alive — she's choking.
If anyone wants to and can make a difference …

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