NASA declassify documents on UFOs: The Truth about the tragedy in Keksberge



The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has agreed to declassify documents that could shed light on the UFO phenomenon. This extraordinary step it went under pressure from the channel "Sci-Fi" ("Science Fiction"), which have not haunted "mystery Keksberga."

The city in the state of Pennsylvania has made history after December 9, 1965 the residents observed an unusual phenomenon — a ball of fire in the night sky, which is clearly going to land. The area where this happened was immediately cordoned off by the military, which later there something hastily evacuated. Measures of secrecy was so tight that the population Keksberga, in fact, trapped in their own city. Local media fanning the flames, literally shouting about "unidentified flying object". But neither then nor later official agencies have not given any explanation. At first conjectures about possible falling debris of the Soviet probe "Kosmos-96", destined for the research of Venus. Later, however, this version was rejected.

What was it? Answer yet. But for Keksbergom stuck the title of "second Roswell" — the name of the town in the state of New Mexico, where, according to some, in 1947 crashed alien craft. Such mysteries — the daily bread for the channel, "Sci-Fi", which specializes in programs about the issues of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations and all sorts of anomalous phenomena. Not surprisingly, he has endeavored to find out better about the accident near Keksberga. Faced with the threat of legal action under the Freedom of Information Act, NASA finally decided to share his secrets.

The fact that mankind is on the threshold of sensation, it is premature to speak. 36 declassified pages that almost 40 years have been under lock and key, can contain anything, including quite banal information. The Coalition for Freedom of Information, which is an ally of the TV channel "Sci-Fi", said that, having studied the documents, will decide what will be the next steps. Especially the Pentagon, who took the most active part in the events under Keksbergom, their documents are in no hurry to publish.

It is noteworthy that the number of fighters for the truth about UFOs is John Podesta, who headed the unit the White House staff under President Bill Clinton. A former high-ranking officials seem funny habits of Washington bureaucracy, of which he was once himself. "I think it is no exaggeration to say that Washington has entered the era of science fiction. Deemed acceptable to disclose the identity of a secret CIA agent, but not a record of unexplained crash in Keksberge that happened 38 years ago" — John Podesta said sarcastically, drawing an analogy with the recent scandalous events surrounding the Iraq crisis.

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