27.06.12.Gibel fish in the river Elbe. Video


27.06.12.V Labinsk in the old river bed Laba fish start to die, and the water was black. Residents of the city say, a few years ago there were catching carp, and now even the carp can not survive. Besides river exudes a smell that in the housing can not open the windows. There is no flow, and the water becomes stagnant.

"Karas — quite unpretentious, tenacious fish. In this water, it can not live and breathe, "- says a resident Labinsk Anton Fetkulov.

Those who live close to the river, struggling not only with the smell, but the mosquitoes and flies. Poison insects have at least three times a day.

"The windows do not open, the doors do not open. We, in general, 40 mrem grudusnuyu heat here. Breathing impossible. We are all suffering from hypertension. Mama bad happens from vonizma. I do not know how to continue to live here. And after 10 here, in general, can not breathe. Even wear a mask ", — complains resident Labinsk Tatiana Stepin.

Old river bed, which is called a gypsy woman, falls into the Elbe, where many residents are bathed — children and adults. Nearby are several companies. People assume that the river can get waste. To find out the cause of pollution, they wrote a collective complaint to the prosecutor and CPS.

Specialists took water samples. The analysis results will be ready in a few days.

Source: Nine channel Kuban

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