27.07.12.Gibel fish in the pond of Volgograd



27.07.12.V Dzerzhinsk region Volgograd Agnarskom pond, located in the CHT "ear", there was a massive fish kills.

According V1.ru volgogradets Gennady Filippov, which is located near the pond cottage, a few days ago in the water killed a lot of fish, with an estimated summer resident, died about 1000 species of perch, pike, carp, bream.

At the scene, officers were checking environmental services and water samples. According to environmentalists, fish kills occurred due to the high temperature of the water or because of lack of oxygen. But gardeners believe that the cause of what happened was water contamination.

"Now around the pond is a terrible stench, the smell of rotten fish becomes more sharp — says Gennady Filippov. — I do not believe that the cause of the mass fish kills in the heat of the water, because in my mind 20 years nothing like this has happened. Now there is floating dead fish, no it is not clear, although it should be done, or will die, and the remaining individuals. I hope that the environmental services make every effort to save obitatayuschey living creatures in the water. "

Photo from: v1.ru

Yevgeny Petrov, especially for V1.ru

Source: V1.ru

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