28.07.12.Vo Vladimir region killed 1,300 pigs


30.07.12.V Saturday, July 28 at one of the Company, which is located near the village of Sokolovo Alexander area killed 1,300 pigs. According to that voiced the police, there was a loss of livestock due to power ventilation.

As a result, off ventilation, lack of fresh air and increase the temperature inside the room there was a case about 1,300 pigs, — reported in the official report AMIA.

Now, law enforcement officials are checking on this fact.
The incident has not yet received wide publicity: Local people have not even noticed the incident in a large enterprise, which is located next door. 
-I do not even hear about what happened. Animals certainly sorry. But residents of their death, perhaps even better would be — yet they smelled bad. And any increase in the standard of living through the neighborhood with a large set of personally I did not notice — Said the head of the local administration correspondent Yelena Rodionova. 
Source: ProGorod33.ru

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