28.07.12.Zamor fish on the river Setun. Video


Updated August 4

Environmental disaster in Moscow: in the river Setun dying fish

29.07.12.Massovaya fish mortality observed in the river Setun in Moscow. About this in his blog on the service online diaries writes journalist, a member of the Writers' Union of Russia Natalia Makeev.

According to her, ecological disaster, she witnessed July 29, 2012, takes place in the Western Division of the Russian capital in the nature reserve "Setun River Valley." The blog also posted photos from the scene.

"The river is dying. A few hours later I watched as the fish dies. This happens around the pipe, the water flows slowly from there — says Serbin. — That I have never seen — as soon as I got to the shore, a large big fish headed in my direction, as if for help. When it is again — she swam again. This was repeated about three times. Despite the fact that close to shore roared several people, which, as you know, the fish do not like during our stay at the shore, close to the tube, gathered a lot of fish — bigger, smaller.

Standing in the water, as if waiting for something. Several of them died. Dead and floated out of the pipe. Slowly carried away by their predecessors over. A few fish were obviously in a very bad condition. Water — muddy, not that last year, when it was visible algae and so would plunge. Terrible sight. "

In this case, attention is drawn to the fact that the downstream in the flow Setun, Setunke river in early July 2012 was recorded high levels of toxic substances. "In the area of the village Salarevo (about 3 km from the Moscow Ring Road in the south-west, along the Kiev highway), the concentration of phenol in the river exceeds the MCL of 4700 times the concentration of formaldehyde — 3.3 times.

The village Kartamazovo MPC to phenol exceeded 540 times, at the confluence of the river in the river Setun Setunka maximum permissible concentration is not found "-" Interfax "a law enforcement source.
The audit showed that the land rents "Trading house". The territory was organized illegal dumping of chemicals at the scene, they found several hundred 200-liter barrels marked "phenol" and "formaldehyde", said July 7 the Russian TV channel "Vesti".
It is obvious that an environmental disaster downstream could have an impact on what is happening at the moment in the valley Setun.

Source: myNews-in

Fish kills in the river Setun yesterday, July 28 2012.Polagayu that Gad-Arbeiter splashed into the river something poisonous to avoid wasting time on disposal of chemical-shit. City high-tech building, @ A!

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