28.12.11.Kity stranded Corfu



28.12.11.U west coast of the Greek island of Corfu (Kerkyra) experienced massive stranded beaked whales — large marine mammals of the order Cetacea.

According to Greek newspaper Ekathimerini referring to the coastal patrol and witnesses, from late November to shore alive emissions around ten beaked whales. According to unconfirmed reports, the number of animals can be five times higher. Finding and keeping accurate records is complicated by difficult weather conditions in the area.

Residents of the village of Arillas, first faced with a disaster, tried to return the animal to the sea, but, as usually happens when operating non-specialists, all whales killed or re-stranded or drowned.

In the following days the coast of Corfu issued several beaked whales. Experts from the oceanographic and environmental monitoring organizations believe that the animals died at sea and washed up on the shore of their course.

To determine the cause of death and throwing whale strandings took samples of tissues, which hold toxicological analysis and DNA analysis.

A preliminary investigation of the incident can not call the root cause of the tragedy of teaching Navy Italy called "Mare Aperto" ("Open Sea"), which took place from 27th November to 2nd December in the southern Adriatic, Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas, although it is known that beaked whales are sensitive to extraneous noise, and especially — to the low and mid-range sounds powerful sonar used by NATO.

As a hypothesis, and considers the impact of other anthropogenic factors.

Fortunately, kyuverovy beaked (Ziphius cavirostris) do not belong to an endangered species of animals. These reach a seven-meter long mammal was inhabited for millennia washing Greece Sea, their habitat covers all oceans except the Arctic. Beaked whales prefer to pelagic holding alone or in pairs at great depths, rarely making a landfall. Large clusters do not form, so their mass ejection on the coast of Corfu — is rare double.

In August Greek.ru wrote about swimming in the Gulf of Corinth fin whales. Hopefully we can continue to enjoy the sea giants and beautiful dolphins off the coast of Greece alive and in good health.

Author:  Timothy Gavrilin

Source: Greek.ru

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